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Who We Are

We are volunteers who believe that Westmoreland County's brightest days are still ahead of us.

We believe in free and fair elections. We believe that people deserve to live prosperous lives without fear of poverty from a crippling healthcare system, crushing student debt, and an outdated minimum wage.

We believe that every worker has the right to organize and work in a safe, healthy environment.

We believe that everyone has the right to decide what happens to their bodies and to make the medical choices that are best for them. We believe that people have the liberty to decide who they want to marry.

We believe that each person has the right to clean air and water. We believe in science. 

We are the Democratic party.

John Fetterman thanking volunteers
We are the Westmoreland County Democratic Committee


Chair Michelle McFall
Vice Chair Rami Balu
Secretary Bibiana Boerio
Treasurer Jeremy Davidson

Chair: Michelle Milan McFall  |

Vice-Chair: Ravi Balu

Secretary: Bibiana Boerio  |

Treasurer: Jeremy Davidson |


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